Since I’ve moved to a new place this summer, I found myself interested in the ways I move through this small city and started to track my movements to see what patterns emerge and to experiment with the visualisation of the gathered data. It was rather sporadically at first but during this last month I’ve made a comprehensive recording of every* meter I walked or biked by using a GPS application on my phone or plotting paths from memory into GoogleEarth. So, above is the pure* visualisation of all* my movements from October 2nd to October 31st. The width of the line corresponds to the frequency with which I walked that street during that period. I plan to do this every month from now, collecting my movements in a journal which will consist of many different derivates from that data – like a fun one for october below.


* Disclosure: there are some logistical issues involved I will have to put more thoughts into. If I didn’t omit going to the supermarket, the center of the image would be an amorphous blob. I also have to find a balance between visualising the actual data and making it work at any resolution.

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