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Yes, it’s Splitflap again. But this time around, there’s the context to it. So, pictured below is my virtual Splitflap display in the actual habitat I made it for – a trade fair booth of Fraport (Frankfurt Airport) listing Fraport’s services in a way tightly connected to Frankfurt Airport, where the splitflap display in Terminal 1 has almost become a landmark so that Frankfurt is the last of Germany’s airports to consciously stick with that practically outdated technique:


This started last summer when an old Impulskontrolle-buddy asked me to join in on this project he was working on for Bochum based event-company mattt.production and… we all must have been doing something quite right as I am now proud to present the fruits of my last weeks’ labour, which was all the vvvv programming – and a good of part the design – of all the real-time content happening in the newly designed Fraport VIP lounge in the Commerzbank Arena (the football stadium home to Eintracht Frankfurt):


The feature list: projection mapped realtime visualisation of incoming and outgoing planes with their callsigns to and from Frankfurt Airport on a stylised map of larger Frankfurt (map-gfx: Christopher Lensing), animated display of the day’s menu – switchable to fun facts about the current match, all pulled from a MySQL database which is fed via an IPad app which also acts as a controller for the various layers of the graphical and editorial content (database and app: Marcel Kussin).
On top of the previous functionality, the vvvv patch running the Splitflap v2 on the large screen in the background now also features a small football betting game for the guests to play and some special Victory! mode in case “Eintracht” wins the match.


I tend to not put commercial and/or commissioned projects on this outlet of personal stuff here, but I am really happy about this one and very much looking forward to see it in person next Saturday (but sorry, Frankfurt, I’ll cross my fingers for Schalke)


Photographs: Christopher Lensing, Martin Sonntag. A project with Christopher Lensing/Impulskontrolle and Marcel Kussin for Martin Sonntag/mattt.production.

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