Stills from a video installation at Sōl Festival. Not what I had planned initially but spacial constraints had me devise a new idea utilising an old sketch and thinking it through to the end. I had played around with the Slitscan technique previously but it was only recent experiments that led me to a way to create slitscan images which can depict virtually whatever length of time. (wikipedia:Strip Photography)


A camerafeed showing the view outside Platform4 in Aalborg’s Karolinenlund is reduced to one vertical slice of 1 pixel width. This slice I use as a brush to slowly paint a bar/line over the course of one minute (top row), one hour (middle row) and finally over the course of a full day (bottom row).


The 2 spatial dimensions of the camera image become 2 dimensional again only that now the horizontal dimension is a depiction of time rather than space. Passers-by manifest themselves as they move through time, becoming mere specks of noise in the larger timeframes whereas only then cloud formations become visible through their slow progress and change.


Where the image is being written – at the position of the white vertcical marker – corresponds to the current time of day; I started the process at around noon and now – in the following picture – dusk has fallen at around 25 minutes past 6 (and about 12 seconds):




Morning has broken. After setting up, I stayed in Aalborg for only ~22 more hours so I don’t have images showing a full day yet. But the installation is still up and running until this Saturday. Platform4, Aalborg.


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