(imaginary) vacation



Images from a topic as old as the photographic darkroom: the discussion about the realness of photographs will continue to be of importance but it becomes indeed futile the moment one realises that for various reasons, a photograph will not ever depict the ultimate reality or truth. But what remains to be of big interest is how we credulously continue to trust images to do just that while in so many cases all it would take is to use that very visual sense for a second look.
This series tries to explore just what constitues this impulsive perception of realness through images that should easily be percieved as being “fake” while at the same time being placed in the realm of straight photography or the snapshot, a territory traditionally as far away from manipulation as it gets.


Just how much and what do I need to add to a software-generated barren landscape – and just how diligently do I actually need to be – in order for viewers to accept complete fabrications devoid of any photograpic input as matter-of-fact snapshots from a road trip?

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