A production still from another take on untitled (harmonics i). I am mainly posting this to remind myself to continue with it: While working on a more physical “machine” I figured that it would be nice to add more of a flow, a progress over time to it as, after the midpoint, the emerging patterns repeat themselves in reverse. Which… is kinda boring. So, the idea is to have both objects and sound deteriorate over the course of one run. Among other possible behaviours, like so:


… including a moving camera. All of which is an interesting challenge because it introduces the need for keyframes in an environment and workflow I love for its immediacy and complete lack of keyframe-pushing. While using keyframes is a trivial matter, organising the program in a way I can conveniently assign keyframes to modifiers while keeping an eye on the big picture is not. A section from the v4-patch:


… mostly the bits that construct the music. As you may see, I’ve steered away from a pure mathematical approach here and set notes much more consciously to form chords/harmonies. A preview of that can be seen & heard here.

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