We moved into a new place about 8 weeks ago and some few things are still woefully dysfunctional, No.1 being the absence of a connection between a/the computer/s and the stereo. Whenever I want to listen to something through speakers, I’m stuck with whatever we have on mediums predating The Internet. Today, for reasons, I felt the urge to crank up Sisters Of Mercy – This Corrosion. This ↑ is what happened after the tape deck had sunk its playhead into the cassette (you remember those?) – and then refused to do anything including letting me use the Eject button.

Eventually, I managed to salvage the tape and put everything back together and even make it work, too – only to find out that the inlay the ~18 year old me had written had been written prior to some overdub and there was no Sisters Of Mercy to be found…

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