Even though it is not entirely without issues – they may be few and far between but the moments in which tracking is lost are always very jarring and to compensate for these moments is annoying and it feels like something I shouldn’t have to do – but I have become quite the fan of my Leap Motion™. Here I used it to make a thing that quickly and easily turns any surface into an array of touchbuttons.

In other news, there is something I don’t have an image for because Non-Disclosure Agreement (with Christie for the foyer of the IBC next September) but it provided me with a funny realisation as I was pushing code-free pixels towards a set-in-stone file just like in the old days: Having to make every. single. design decision by myself without a possibility to outsource anything to algorithms, a mode in which I am only a creator, not a curator, has become an irritation, a confusion, a waste of time even. Of course, I can deal with that but I’ve found that I’d rather not. And I am positively amused by that.

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