A thing I made for the moon. The actual Moon where, according to the related project by moonarts.org, this image will be sent in 2016, among with 9998 others, etched onto a sapphire disk. For a visual thing, there is not much to see here – the actual content of this post is yet again of generative nature: Being tremendously frustrated with the randomly jagged shit that was coming up by using the mouse to draw on the project’s canvas (think MS Paint with the added challenge of only being able to draw one! consecutive! line as one or more images will be drawn by the moon rover’s tires), I decided to program the mouse movements to make something nice and clean. I think I succeeded:


the essential piece of code here, it consists of two runs of the pointer, switched halfways through:


update: the first draft of all drawings has been posted:

(© StudioForCreativeInquiry / Golan Levin)

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