Fraport Lounge, Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt.

It is served. The fruits of last week’s (weeks’) labour in Fraport‘s VIP Lounge. 2 dining tables mapped with a 32×9 projection each showing a stylised map of Frankfurt with a visualisation of traffic in the larger Frankfurt airspace, plus the day’s menu and logos and other bits. I am bit bummed that for now I can’t see my work in action and in person; but – notwithstanding that on today’s premiere there was only a recording of previous flight data and not the real real-time deal (yet) – word is that everyone is crazy about it. Here’s a smiley :) Last week, it looked like this:


There’s also a whole other part to the project not pictured here – well, I hope I get to visit the space again or receive some nice documentation material. For now, this’ll do. (A collaboration with my Impulskontrolle buddy Christopher Lensing for mattt production)

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