While thinking about how to (better) feature photography here I felt the need for a tool to shove virtual prints around on a virtual table to group images, work out edits and sequences. While a virtual tool doesn’t beat doing it in the flesh, it’s better than nothing and since I’m not at home these days I don’t have access to a printer. (Nor do I have the ink and patience to print and cut 100+ photographs)
Searching the net didn’t bring up anything useful so I quickly decided to have a go at making such a tool myself. For now, it basically empties a shoebox (folder) of images onto an (infinite) table and lets me drag & drop those as I see fit.



As of now, there’s whole lot of room for improvement. In terms of usefulness, it would be nice to have an “outlet” for the edits, in whatever way and format. Also, I need to be able to save a session. In terms of usability (which here really just means fun), any picked image should move on top of the pile. But… for a quick afternoon project, it gives me what I needed. An afternoon well spent.


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