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Hi. My name is Urs and I am an interdisciplinary digital designer/visual artist. This is my outlet for Stuff: Generative Visuals. Visual Music. Motion GFX. Photography. Code. Randomness. This and That. Love of all things real-time in the realm of endless possibilities. This is, by its very nature, all work in progress.
Bits are sketches, by-products, random happenings, sometimes posts with stuff done by others. Pieces are mostly works that – usually by the time of being posted – have reached a (way)point of preliminary conclusion. This distinction is fuzzy.


You can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn, I post photography and videos to Flickr and Vimeo and I have set up shop on ArtBoost. I randomly and occasionally tweet. If you’d like to find out what stuff I can do for you – be it Live Communication, everything Visual or traditional graphic design for print and screen – just shoot me an email below the line. I look forward to hearing from you.

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