Yep, I ❤ visual programming. I just really like being able to literally see what I am doing, and where. I’m a visual person, after all. This patch isn’t perfectly finished yet as the part top right (that ends with those bent connections into the transformations) will need a better logic but it’s now good and usable enough to be at the point where I usually take a break from actual development to clean things up.

“Alright, but what does it do?” you ask. This, among other things (yes, with a fucking Ukulele). I’ve caved in and set up shop on Fiverr. And I’m truly sorry for that, fellow designers, but apparently there’s a huge market for stuff which takes 10 minutes or less and I can’t afford to not be part of it. Bills and shit.

There are quite some things to muse on with regards to Fiverr and the like, about sellers whose only work is to plunk clients’ logos into pirated Videohive project files and buyers who don’t give a rat’s arse, buuut that’s for another outlet ;)

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